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Interior Design Blog: Before & After // House Renovation, Client's Classic to the Best Moder



This renovation was a long one and a nice one if you ask me

We were first contacted in 2016 to help these clients renovate this house for exterior and interior design. It was built in 1965. They had old classic look and client wanted to completely renovate creating a “Contemporary-Modern Clean Lines” vibe. We were lucky enough to work with an awesome contractor as well as work with some pretty cool client. We had a good idea of how to transform this house as client wanted the house to look, and was majorly flexible with a massive amount of layout changes …like changing the master bedroom layout!! Anyways, this was a super fun project. Of course now we have quite a lots modern design projects going on, but this was an awesome way to flex our “Modern design Muscles” for client expectation!

OK scroll on down and let me know what you think in the comments!!

From Rough Sketches // Interior Furniture Layout

1st Floor Interior Furniture Layout

2nd Floor Interior Furniture Layout

To Professional Cad Drawings // Interior Detail Drawings

1st Floor Interior Furniture Layout

2nd Floor Interior Furniture Layout

Elevation Interior Design Presentation // Powder, Kitchen and Front Door

Powder Room


Front Door

3D Pictures Interior Design Presentation // Living room & Dining, Master Bedroom and Media Room

Living & Dining 3D Picture
Master Bedroom 3D Picture
Media Room 3D Picture

Before & After Photos // Living room & Dining

Before Living

After Living

Before Dining

After Dining

Before & After Photos // Media Room

Before & After Photos // Exterior


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