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Interior Design Blog: Concept Design Fixer Upper // Renovate an '80s Colonial Home

Ever wish you could transform your home from an inefficient 1980s Colonial into the functional, updated interior design space of your dreams? Homes built in the ’80s — or before — are often small, subdivided and simply don’t work for the way we live today but I can help with that. Below you will find one of my many transformations from old and outdated to modern and classy. I hope you enjoy this look in to my process as much as I enjoyed creating it!

OK scroll on down and let me know what you think in the comments!!

Outside Inside Inspiration // Interior Design Concept

Concept Inspiration

Existing Layout

2nd Floor Interior Furniture Layout

New Layout

New Furniture Layout

Existing Condition // Kitchen Dining

Existing Kitchen & Dining

New Interior Design 3D Picture // Kitchen Dining

Living & Dining 3D Picture

Existing Condition // Living Room

Before Living

New Interior Design 3D Picture // Living Room

Living Room 3D Picture

Existing Condition // Master Bedroom

Existing Master Bedroom

New Interior Design 3D Picture // Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 3D Picture

Mood & Tone // Materials & Fixtures

Mood & Tone


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